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FLUOR Selects Argweld® Weld Purging Equipment for Massive Refinery Modernization 

May, 2010—After reviewing and testing various types of weld-purging systems and equipment, the welding engineers and quality control managers with FLUOR Constructors decided to invest in a large quantity of Argweld® Pipe Purging Equipment and Purge Monitors for the refinery modernization project in Whiting, Indiana.

COB Industries personnel first demonstrated the capabilities of the purge systems a couple of months earlier. The demonstration was conducted for a group of approximately 20 welding engineers and supervisors, piping superintendents and quality control managers. During the demonstration, a section of 8” pipe was purged to less than 1% O2 in less than one minute, which clearly illustrated the potential for huge savings in man-hours and Argon gas that could be achieved with the Argweld® systems, as well as the reliability and simplicity of the Purge Monitors. This resulted in one of the largest orders of Argweld® products that has ever been placed. The order consisted of both standard and high-heat resistant Quick-Purge™ Pipe Purging Systems for a wide range of pipe sizes to be used on Stainless Steel and Chrome pipes up to 42” diameter.

At FLUOR’s request, COB Industries sent personnel back out to the job site to conduct training for the welding supervisors and staff to ensure smooth implementation of the new equipment.
The Argweld® product line has become increasingly popular around the world over the last several years, and has become one of COB Industries’ largest product lines.

On-Site Training at BP’s Modernization Project in Whiting, Indiana
BP Modernization Project, Whiting, Indiana

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Argweld® Weld Purging Equipment

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