COB Industries Unveils Qwik Freezer® Multi Freeze Control Station and Remote Actuated Valves

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COB Industries, Inc is proud to announce a new remote operated Qwik Freezer® liquid CO2 pipe freezing system. With 30 plus years of pipe freezing experience, industry is constantly coming to COB to help with new challenges facing its piping maintenance issues. The US Navy has used pipe freezing for years, and in their nuclear powered vessels the Qwik Freezer® liquid CO2 system has been the primary choice. Many times when valve maintenance comes up in nuclear powered vessels it entails doing multiple freezes at one time. This can mean difficult setup and extended exposure to radioactivity for the freeze team. The Navy came to COB with a request to design a system that would allow them to remotely operate the liquid CO2 supply for multiple freezes from a single control station.

To answer this, COB Industries introduces the QF 701 Remote Actuated Valve and the QF 910 Multi-Freeze Control Station. The QF 701 is a high pressure cryogenic solenoid valve with a manually actuated backup system (in case of a power failure). The remote valve is mounted on the CO2 bottle and is connected to the QF 910 via a 100 ft extension cord (QF 711). High pressure CO2 hoses pipe the liquid CO2 into the freeze jacket or collar. The QF910 is a remote six-jack freeze control station which allows the operator to inject liquid CO2 into the freeze area with the single push of a button while staying away from potentially hazardous areas. Prior to the development of these systems, normally the operator had to enter the reactor compartment to manually operate the valves, thus increasing his/her exposure. The push button energizing of the Remote Actuated Valve allows the operator to inject CO2 as needed by simply holding the button down for longer or shorter periods of time depending on the requirements of the application. Remote temperature monitors are used to let the operator know when more CO2 is required. This also greatly conserves liquid CO2 by only putting in the proper amount required to maintain the ice plug.
QF 910 Multi-Freeze Control Station  QF 701 Remote Actuated Valve

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