COB Industries, Inc. Delivers More Custom Flange Plugs for BP “Marlin” Offshore

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July, 2009—COB Industries recently completed production and testing on a new set of ROV-friendly flange plugs to be installed on the BP Marlin offshore platform. This follows previous orders for the same type of plugs for the Thunderhorse and Na Kika platforms. These plugs have ranged from 4” – 40” diameter.

COB Industries designs and builds these robust plugs with special attention to features that make them easily handled and installed by subsea ROV’s (Remote Operated Vehicles). This involves designing and building handles that the ROV arms can grab and valves and controls that can be operated by the ROV arms and manipulators, as well as being made for long-term subsea use. The plugs are made to seal existing flanged openings on offshore platforms either for repair and maintenance or to help secure the platforms for storms and hurricanes.

Inspectors from BP recently visited COB Industries’ facility in Melbourne, FL to complete specified “Form / Fit / Function” inspection and testing. The plugs passed inspection without incident and are being shipped out this week for deployment offshore.

COB Industries, Inc. is a private company in Melbourne, FL that has been in business for 40 years manufacturing and supplying specialty industrial equipment including pipe plugs, pipe freezing systems, specialized welding products and pneumatic tools.


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