Argweld® Titanium Weld Purge Monitor

The Argweld ® Titanium Purge Monitor has been
specifically designed for indicating oxygen levels in
Argon gas for weld purging.
It measures and clearly indicates actual oxygen levels in parts per million down to 10 parts per million on an alpha-numeric display.

The unit is menu driven by four buttons on the front panel and has an internal alarm with high and low oxygen levels which can be set on the front panel.

A unique new sensor is used which has very little maintenance requirement and tests have shown that it should last up to five years.

An optional software package is available to allow a computer to be used to store and print results and graphs etc for quality control purposes.
  • Small, light, portable and inexpensive.
  • Automatic fault finding diagnostics.
  • Measures and indicates down to 10ppm.
  • Unique fast response sensor with extended 5 year life.
  • Optional Purge Log 2000 Software for data acquisition.
  • Specially developed for weld purging of titanium.
  • Low repair, refurbishment and recalibration costs.
  • Operation with orbital welders and welding enclosures.
  • Ideal for welding stainless steel in ultra clean applications.
  • Internal alarm and security pin code facilities.
  • Push button operated menu.
  • No pumps or moving parts.
  • Weld start/stop facility.
  • Operating voltage 115/230 v single phase 50/60hz.
  • Computer interface
  • Purge Log 2000 Data Logging Software (optional).
  • User interface for external alarm, high/low ppm settings, on/off welder switching, etc.
  • Operating buttons sealed to IP65 standard.
  • Two minute warm up time.
  • Switchable facility for readings in ppm or percentage.
  • RS232 port for PC.
  • Power consumption 18w.
Also available

Argweld® Purge Monitor MKV

Low cost monitor will indicate oxygen from the atmosphere down to 1000 parts per million.

When welding with inert gas, it is essential to know that the oxygen content at the welding area has been reduced to a low level.

The Argweld® Purge Monitor MKV is specifically designed to measure oxygen content down to 0.01% with a high degree of accuracy. An oxygen content of below 0.1% is normally considered suitable to ensure that there is no oxidation of the weld, although there may be some exceptions to this when welding materials such as titanium and zirconium.

Don't use “make do” devices as they put your weld at risk and end up costing you more money.

Use the proper tool for the job!
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